Microscopic blades

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Microscope Slides 7101


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Microscopic blades

A microscope slide, also known as a laboratory slide, is a flat, thin rectangular glass plate, usually 75 by 26 millimeters and about one millimeter thick, used to hold objects for examination and study. Used under a microscope. The body is usually placed on a slide and then both are placed under a microscope for observation. The microscope slide is usually made of glass with optical or optical properties, such as calcareous alkaline glass or brosilicate glass. Types of microscopic slides include: intestinal slide or 7101, plain or 7102, single hole or 7103, 2 holes or 7104, opaque head or 7105, 2 head or 7107, colored head or 7109, neobar or counter, IF or immunofluorescence.