Filtered head sampler

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Filtered head sampler

The filter material used in the sampler is made of virgin hydrophobic polyethylene, which is made with very high technology, and this prevents any impurities from entering the sample and contaminating it in biologically sensitive experiments. The filters are produced at very high temperatures and completely isolated and sterilized with the help of beta rays, as well as DNase Free, RNase Free, Human DNA Free, Pyrogen Free, PCR Inhibitor Free. The hydrophilic filter acts as a barrier to particulate matter and liquids and prevents the potential impact of these materials on the results of biologically sensitive experiments. They also prevent dangerous particles such as viruses and bacteria from entering the main sampler duct and protect the user. Due to the presence of filters and sterility, filtered head samples are mostly used for sensitive tasks such as cellular and molecular tasks such as PCR, virus culture and radioactive materials, etc.